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Move-in Checklist

posted Apr 9, 2013, 5:43 PM by Brentwood Apartments   [ updated Apr 13, 2013, 2:30 PM ]
Are you moving? Check out these great tips on what to consider during the process:

Before you Leave:
  • If you can, try to think of the best time of year to move. If you’re coming from Minnesota, a summer move to Bensenville sounds like a great idea—until your realize Bensenville summers have averaged in the 90s lately, making for a very unpleasant moving day.
  • Take each room’s measurements to determine if the arrangement that you had in your mind will work in your new home. (If you're moving into the Brentwood Apartments, check out our floor plans to get all the details.) There is no need to travel with furniture that you can’t use. Sell or donate the furniture before you move.
  • For parents who are relocating over the summer, contact the school or visit the school’s website to determine any summer reading assignments. Such considerations will help your students stay ahead of the curve instead of starting off the school year behind. It also pays to go over school dress code, accessory requirements, and other rules before the first day of back to school shopping.
During the transition:
  • While it’s easiest to keep your old phone number, your wireless provider may not offer the same quality of service in your new home. Ask the office boys at the Brentwood Apartments (and any neighbors you meet during your visits to the community) which wireless provider provides the best coverage in your new community and city overall.
  • Register to vote as you would in any new area. It’s important, though, that you pay close attention to the new state’s rules for registration, advance voting, and alternative methods of voting and other factors that vary from state to state.
  • Have a vehicle? Don't forget to register it with the City by purchasing a Vehicle Sticker.